Six Morning Habits for Successful Life

Every single person in this universe wants to be successful. Success can have different definitions from person to person. For one person, success can be earning a huge load of money and for another, it may be living with family, for some it may be wandering the world and so on. But all these success can be achieved easily by following these 6 Miracle Morning Habits.

It is well said that the morning defines the day. If we have a wonderful morning, we obviously will have an amazing day. Our mind remains fresh the whole day if we have our morning as cool and energetic as ever.

From the book “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod, I have summarized these 6 Morning Habits that really will make your day bright and fresh and you will surely have a successful life if you follow these habits. The morning habits are summarized in a single word called “SAVERS“. Each letter in the word SAVERS refers to a single morning habit that will make your life a better thing to spend upon. Let’s start with the meaning the word SAVERS provides.
SAVERS refers to six morning habits:

S – Silence
A – Affirmations
V – Visualization
E – Exercise
R – Reading
S – Scribing
1. Silence: This is the first thing you should follow in your morning schedule to have an amazing day. By silence, I simply mean meditation. After you wake up early in the morning, go straight for meditation. Sit in a good posture and concentrate on your breathing and the sounds in your surrounding.

Many thoughts will come in your mind and go. You will have now have control about your thoughts with meditation. This will surely help you take right decisions in your day. Set a timer for 5 Minutes and start meditating.

2. Affirmations : After meditation, you need to write something positive. Something that you want to see in your ideal life. Write the life you want to achieve in Present tense. For example if you want to have a big house in your future, you must write : “Today, I have a huge house where I’m sitting in a sofa and writing something.” You can write these things based upon your health you want to achieve, money you want to earn, people you want to live with and so on. After you write these things, you now have to read it with emotions and intent. You can write these statements in every areas of your life. After meditation, you can read these statements with heart.3. Visualization: After writing about your ideal life, you now will have to visualize about it. Remember scientist Albert Einstein once said,”Imagination is much more powerful than knowledge”. So this means if you can have an imagination about your future, you can conquer it. Now visualize the life you always admired of having. Then think about the actions you need to do for gaining that life style. This will help you order your actions what to do first and what next.

4. Exercise: The fourth step is exercising. Exercise early in the morning means that you are now more sensitive about your health. And only having a healthy body and mind will help you attain the healthy life. So you need to get good blood circulation in your body and this can be achieved only with healthy exercise. You can have some cardio exercises like Jumping Jacks, Skipping, Knee Touch, Push Ups etc. for at least 5 minutes a day. This will help for the good blood circulation in your body and will keep your body active for the whole day.

5. Reading: You need to develop a habit of reading something daily. Just take out 10 minutes from your busy life to read something that can bring positive feelings in your mind. You can read someone’s auto biography or some motivational stories to get that feeling get going in your nerves. This will help you get to learn something new daily. Please don’t read newspaper that will give stress to your mind.

6. Scribing: Scribing is all about keeping a journal about your feelings. Write something about your life. Write something about your strengths and weaknesses and then the ideas on how you can overcome your weaknesses. You can create a list of things you need to do on a particular day. What this will do is it will make you think about the things that need to be focused first and then the next. So what things are to be given priority first can be easily sorted out by this step.

These highly effective morning habits when practiced daily, you can see and feel that you are going towards making your life a happier place to live for. This will help you control about the wrong things and help you attain a successful life. Remember, life is only successful when you are happy. A person can have millions of money but he may not be the happiest person you know. Rather a farmer you know who is having a okay type of life style but the happiness you see on his face can be a million dollar property. So keep focusing on these actions and help you attain a healthier, happier and successful life.

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